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White Horse Harriers – Trophy Winners

Inaugurated 2007 (engraved with past winners)

YearHolderTeam Members
1983Oxford City ACNewman, Cheeseman, Redman
1984Oxford City ACWalters, Sharratt, Redman
1985no entryno entry
1986Oxford City ACWalters, Howkins, Goodman
1987Kidlington RCPurvis, Souch, Newsholme
1988Witney RRMitchell, Ashton, Beech
1989St Albans StridersWalls, Hill, Cox
1990Abingdon AmblersHaslegrave, Kent, Feldman
1991White Horse Harriers ACWolf, Gill, Ferris
1992White Horse Harriers ACGill, Godding, Helm
1993Witney RRWatson, Ashton, Beswick
1994Witney RRPitts, Ashton, Watson
1995Witney RRPitts, Ashton, Watson
1996Witney RRPitts, Ashton, Watson
1997Witney RRPitts, Raynor, Watson
1998Witney RRPitts, Ashton, Watson
1999Thame RunnersButler, Avery, Hayward
2000Witney RRPitts, Ashton, Rhymes
2001Witney RRPitts, Ashton, Rhymes
2002Witney RRPitts, Worrall, Leigh
2003Witney RRPitts, Gomm, Ashton
2004White Horse Harriers ACKnopp, Armytage, Roberts
2005White Horse Harriers ACKnopp, Armytage, Wainwright
2006Witney RRSlater, Gomm, Pitts
2007Witney RRGomm, Pitts, Rayner
2008Headington RRBurge, Sainsbury, Hopkins
2009Alchester RCGrolimund, Rendell, Banks
2010Headington RRCraft, Harris, Hopkins
2011Headington RRCraft, Moore, Harris
2012Alchester RCGrolimund, Rendell, Lawlor
2013Headington RRFlouri, Hopkins, Kalthoff
2014Headington RRLeitch, Kalthoff, Campbell

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