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White Horse Harriers – Trophy Winners

Inaugurated 1984 (* indicates no trophy)

YearHolderTeam Members
1983*Banbury HarriersMoores, Doyly, Padbury
1984White Horse Harriers ACWarren, Cowles, Davies
1985Woodstock HarriersHowes, Gardner, Taylor
1986Woodstock HarriersGardner, Battye, Leith
1987Woodstock HarriersGardner, Battye, Leith
1988Abingdon AmblersCousins, Green, Metcalfe
1989Abingdon AmblersGreen, Cousins, Schutterlin, Goulding
1990Kidlington RRBrackett, Hibberd, Lock, Chaplin
1991Oxford City ACVaughan, Russell, Flavel
1992White Horse Harriers ACGreen, Taylor, Arnold
1993Witney RRAshton, Hurd, Parsons
1994White Horse Harriers ACGreen, Smith, Murfin
1995White Horse Harriers ACGreen, Smith, James
1996Oxford City ACCooper, Metcalfe, Russell
1997Woodstock HarriersDell, Shipway, Glare
1998White Horse Harriers ACWilson, James, Cooke
1999White Horse Harriers ACHughes, James, McGuigan
2000Vale of Aylesbury ACJones, Gregory, Steptoe
2001White Horse Harriers ACWilson, Hughes, Wright
2002Woodstock HarriersShipway, Dell, Vaughan
2003Woodstock HarriersGreeves, Vaughan, Hunn
2004Abingdon AmblersEgerton, Schofield, Birch
2005Witney RRAtyeo, Lock, Boden, Briens
2006Witney RRBaillie, Lock, Boden, Giles
2007Witney RRHails, Lock, Boden, Briens
2008Woodstock HarriersBolton, O’Connor, Vaughan, George
2009Woodstock HarriersBolton, O’Connor, Vaughan, Price
2010Woodstock HarriersBolton, O’Connor, Cantwell, Game
2011Woodstock HarriersBolton, O’Connor, Cantwell, Ineson
2012Woodstock HarriersBolton, O’Connor, Game, Cantwell
2013Woodstock HarriersBolton, Game, Cantwell, O’Connor
2014Woodstock HarriersBolton, O’Connor, Cantwell, Game

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