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White Horse Harriers – Trophy Winners

Inaugurated 1983

1983Tom King
1984Sarah Ayling
1985John Chadwick
1986Tom McClenaghan
1987Colin Cusack
1988Dennis Thomas
1989Deryck Bellis
1990Marion Jones
1991Stuart Scott
1992Gareth Smith
1993Dave Murfin
1994Dave Murfin
1995Nick Ponting
1996Simon Williamson
1997Clifford Jones
1998Jason Cooke
1999Terry Gashe
2000Josephine Rhodes
2001Dave Murfin
2002Sheila Morrison
2003Dave Wright
2004Dan New
2005Kevin Harris
2006Dave Martin
2007Frank Briscoe
2008Simon Leech
2009Stephen Casey
2010Jason Cooke
2011Paul Finch
2012Jan McCabe
2013Becky Colliass
2014Sheila Bailey
2015Clare Norrish

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