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4th White Horse Half Marathon 1986

Incorporating the Oxfordshire Championships
133871:34Stockford, P SMOxford City ACOx
231671:36Jarvis, D SMBurnham JoggersOx
336572:03Gardner, Robin SMWoodstock Harriers ACOx
433373:56Parsons, David SMOxford City ACOx
530474:07Malsbury, C SMCrawley AC 
632274:17Doyly, Geoff SMSwindon ACOx
730374:34Harrison, R SMHighgate Harriers 
838374:37Cousins, Paul SMu/aOx
971974:38McClenaghan, Tom V40White Horse Harriers ACOx
1036475:19Battye, Andy SMWoodstock Harriers ACOx
1130676:10Shadbolt, Dave SMBanbury Harriers ACOx
1236376:27Richards, G SMu/aOx
1337776:47Ferris, Kevin SMWhite Horse Harriers AC 
1437476:50McGuigan, Jim SMWhite Horse Harriers ACOx
1573276:59Leith, Brian V40Woodstock Harriers ACOx
1634977:14Murfin, David SMWhite Horse Harriers ACOx
1772477:32Werman, E V40Newbury AC 
1872377:44Padbury, John V40Banbury Harriers ACOx
1973377:50Little, R V40Shaftesbury Harriers 
2072078:05Bell, C V40Royal Air Force 
2138178:27Woodfield, R SMWootton Bassett Jogging Club 
2280678:32Hance, Ray V50Woodstock Harriers ACOx
2337678:35Ferris, Bob SMWhite Horse Harriers AC 
2471078:40Schutterlin, J V40Abingdon Amblers AC 
2573179:04Prosser, M V40Stamford & Deeping AC 
2633579:09Pearson, David SMNewbury AC 
2780579:23Smythe, A V50AAA Registered 
2830979:37Stockford, I SMKidlington RCOx
2936979:51Bull, Steve SMOxford University Press AC 
3035681:14Prentice, I SMBourton RR 
3138581:19Pardoe, John SMBanbury Harriers AC 
3236781:36Fox, R SMTorfaen AC 
3331582:19Callard, Glyn SMu/a 
3431882:40Baker, C SMAAA Registered 
3534182:55Cleaver, Mike SMWoodstock Harriers ACOx
3673883:12Howe, R V40Newbury AC 
3736083:22Warrington, A SMRoyal Air Force 
3835483:23Elliott, K SMu/a 
3938283:39Mulvany, P SMu/aOx
4037884:13Garner, Andrew SMBanbury Harriers AC 
4137284:20Allum, Reg SMNewbury AC 
4236184:22Hope, I SMGala Harriers 
4335384:34Holton, J SMu/a 
4470884:42Reenan, J V40Oxford City ACOx
4585384:50Walters, SueFSLOxford City ACOx
4630585:23Thomas, D SMu/a 
4780285:36Marples, Angwin V50White Horse Harriers ACOx
4834786:02Lloyd, L SMAAA Registered 
4931086:24Strong, K SMKidlington RCOx
5038686:28Jones, Glyn SMWhite Horse Harriers ACOx
5180487:03Betterton, D V50u/a 
5232387:24Wheat, Barry SMOxford University Press AC 
5373087:29Griffiths, D V40Banbury Harriers AC 
5471787:32Mulvany, P V40u/a 
5532688:12Burtenshaw, F SMu/aOx
5672288:42Jenkerson, D V40Oxford City ACOx
5733088:51Moore, B SMu/a 
5870488:59Bancroft, D V40Abingdon Amblers AC 
5972589:06Stead, John V40Abingdon Amblers AC 
6033689:30Walker, M SMu/a 
6130789:40Jones, A SMu/a 
6273689:47Mayaux, C V40AAA Registered 
6337089:48Davies, Steve SMOxford University Press AC 
6435989:55Maradan, C SMAAA RegisteredOx
6531990:00Winchcombe, C SMu/a 
6637390:42Mattingley, P SMAAA Registered 
6737990:59Pierce-Williams, Dave SMNewbury AC 
6830891:26Pether, Stuart SMOxford University Press AC 
6933191:31Batchelor, B SMAAA Registered 
7073591:34Vincent, A V40u/aOx
7133491:42Viner, C SMu/a 
7280991:59Bench, Frank V50White Horse Harriers ACOx
7333793:09Lees, J SMCheltenham Harriers 
7485693:44Everleigh, PFSLu/aOx
7536294:06Mulvany, S SMu/a 
7670694:09Thomas, D V40Oxford City ACOx
7786094:26Harrison, SusanFSLWoodstock Harriers ACOx
7880894:53Bellis, Deryck V50White Horse Harriers ACOx
7934495:06Stephens, P SMWitney RR 
8035195:13Wakefield, I SMOxford City AC 
8138095:25Goodman, P SMKidlington RC 
8285595:27Howkins, AFSLOxford City ACOx
8385296:09Hollowell, JFSLBurnham Joggers 
8437196:44Dawson, Alan SMOxford University Press AC 
8571897:29Jones, D V40Veterans ACOx
8670297:29Barnby, D V40u/a 
8770797:48Gibson, A V40AAA Registered 
8832797:51Carter, Paul SMBicester RR 
8932198:19Power, M SMu/a 
9070598:27Newman, D V40Thames Valley Police AC 
9132899:09Wilkinson, M SMu/a 
9270199:52Baker, M V40u/a 
9372899:56Silk, M V40Aldbourne RR 
94314100:23Appleby, P SMu/a 
95350100:33Hillier, S SMu/a 
96384101:10Whitehead, P SMu/a 
97803101:11Diserens, Jim V50White Horse Harriers ACOx
98721101:20Moore, G V40AAA Registered 
99858101:22Ferris, LFSLWootton Bassett Jogging Club 
100711101:56Green, L V40Stafford AC 
101726103:44Smith, D V40u/a 
102715104:18Power, P V40u/a 
103737105:50Townsend, D V40u/a 
104951106:25Feldman, HFL35Oxford University Press AC 
105368106:53Voller, P SMAAA Registered 
106317107:00Shellard, M SMAAA Registered 
107714108:29Murphy, J V40AAA Registered 
108703112:56Beane, R V40Bicester RR 
109952116:56Goodman, MFL35Oxford City AC 
110357120:37Ringwood, K SMu/a 

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