Historical List of Supported Charities

Last updated: Thursday, 22 October, 2015 at 08:24pm

For the purpose of reference below is list of charitable organisations the White Horse Half Marathon has supported by making a donation from the proceeds of the race.

2016Flexicare | Oxford & Abingdon
2015The Grove Day Centre for the Elderly
2014Air Ambulance – Berks | Oxon | Bucks
2013The 14 Club – Wantage
2012The English Federation of Disability Sport
2011The October Club – Wantage
2010The Prostate Cancer Charity
2009Helen & Douglas House
2008Helen & Douglas House
2007Helen & Douglas House
2006Helen & Douglas House
2005Helen & Douglas House
1984The 14 Club – Wantage
1983The Richard Conduit Fund for Sick Children